Enjoy your music like never

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
Enjoy your music like never

Great music Experience
In the morning block you will find a lot of mini sessions such as theme of the day, furious reporter, Impuls, Doprava007, travel with Jiří Kolbabou, seven minutes at seven, jokes owned by Korce and what do you have to do, Zuzana? Wake up in the morning with a wonderful mood! Radio Impuls, will help you!
Songs and Hits
The theme of the day is prepared by the moderator and reporter Honza Daněk, who asks about your opinions concerning the current Czech events. Questions move from topics of political, social or foreign events! You can publish your feedback at phone number 604 111 211. Radio Impuls supports your opinions!
Furious reporter
Furious reporter, it's time to enter Aleš Růžičky, which moves constantly in the field and discovers and collects information about current events. Every morning he calls into the broadcast and vividly comments on the events he participated in. His hobby is also adrenaline challenges that will surely entertain you! Radio pulse is just fine!