How’s it going, gentlemen?

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Such a question grayed into the tavern at the table of regulars, can mean something a little different at any time. While in a time of joyful youth it may be a question of, among other things, the sexual freshness and sexual achievements of the Lords present, at the time of retirement it can be just a question about how the card falls in the Mariah. In middle age, also quite often the query relates to problems with urinating, which can be a symptom of not only kidney disease, caused by unregulated drinking in youth, but also, for example, the initial stage of problems with the prostate gland.
Male problems
Men in middle age occasionally begin to have the first signs of aging and wear of the organism. These symptoms often also include problems with urinating. These may not be related to the kidneys or bladder. As age grows, problems often increase. It can usually be an enlarged prostate.