Kitchen lighting

4. 5. 2019 - Uncategorized
Kitchen lighting

When the kitchen remembers, everyone will introduce bubbling pots and sauceps on the hot stove. Yes, the kitchen is a room where all meals and specialties are prepared and it is one of the most main rooms in the house or apartment. Previously, the kitchen was a central room where visits were made and all events took place. Today, the living room is usually used to accept visits, but still the kitchen remains the basis of every household. But the kitchen is also a place where accidents often occur in various activities. The lighting in the kitchen should therefore be solved mainly so that the working area on which the dishes are prepared is properly illuminated. It also works with sharp tools and the risk of injury is therefore large.
Shine on your worktop
Every chef or cookbook has to see all the ingredients that prepare tasty meals for the whole family. The central chandelier is not the right light, the cook would shine right on the back and not see the worktop properly. The optimal solution is a fluorescent light under the line that perfectly illumines the entire work surface.